H/Duty Clnr sachets 150sachet sassafra fragrance

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Use one sachet per 20lt of capacity. Designed for regular machine cleaning of soiled floors. Effectively cleans and degreases surfaces, removing stubborn dirt and grime. Contains a Sassafra perfume and gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.


The Solulime powder sachet range takes dose control to a new level. Supplied as a tub of 150 easy to use sachets, you simply drop one sachet6 in per 20 litre capcity, so one for a 20lt unit, 2 for a 40lt unit, 3 for a 60lt unit and so on, guaranteeing the correct doing and highest level of clean every time.



The benefits compared to using standard 5 litre concentrates are perfect dose control guaranteed everytime and minimal contact with chemical during dilution, and unlike super concentrates the chance of double dosing abuse in minimalised.

Solulime greatly reduces the carbon footprint in both packaging and the shipment of heavy chemicals when compared to standard 5 lt concentrates.