Innovative Training

Jangro Learning Management System (LMS) and Mobile App

The 'Learning Management System' (LMS) is a new distance-learning programme that enables employees to be trained in correct cleaning products and procedures for 99p per person course.

Last December, the first release of LMS programmes offered three modules to cover basic everyday janitorial activities: Floor Care, COSHH and Washroom Cleaning. Further modules scheduled for early 2013 include: Introduction to Cleaning, Introduction to Equipment, Kitchen Hygiene, PH scale and cleaning agents, Colour Coding, Bio-Hazards, Infection Control and Carpet Care.

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Innovation Award

At its launch at the Cleaning Show 2013 the Jangro LMS and mobile app was entered into the Cleaning Show’s Innovation Awards and the great news is not only did it triumph in its own category but also won the overall winner's trophy.



Online training at any time

The LMS system works remotely so it can be carried out at times to suit the user. Programmes' operating times vary from 50 minutes, to 90 minutes for the very detailed floor care module. Users can dip in and out in short sessions to suit ? maybe 15 minutes a day ? so learning is easy. All LMS modules come with range of online COSHH and technical data sheets, risk assessment and product usage guides, animated instruction on everyday tasks and an 'Ask the expert' interactive source of information. Employers and training managers can remotely monitor employees' progress and check on the progress of each employee.


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