Greenspeed Synbio Multi Cleaner 1l

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Synbiotic all- purpose cleaner for daily use with environmentally beneficial effect.- Low-foaming all purpose cleaner- For cleaning water-resistant surfaces and floors in interior and sanitary- Cleans surfaces and actively combats odours- Fresh perfume- EU Ecolabel & Cradle to Cradle Certified GOLD Currently, too many products are still used that contain chemicals with a harmful effect on humans and the environment. Greenspeed offers a solution to this problem: synbiotic cleaning products containing pre and probiotics. The probiotics remove organic dirt, even deeply embedded in the surface, delivering quick and longlasting clean results. Along the way, they also neutralise bad odours. When they reenter the ecological cycle after use, they actively help to clean our water and help to maintain a natural microbial balance. The prebiotics create an extra source of nutrition for the probiotics and as well for good bacteria that are naturally found on the surface. The effect of the probiotics is therefore accelerated and the microbial balance on the surface is maintained. Contrary to many chemical cleaning products, synbiotics products are very safe to use. The micro-organisms are 100% natural. Synbio Multi can be used to clean interiors, sanitary areas and floors and thus provides the complete solution for your daily cleaning.probiotics and prebiotics in a powerful formula. The 1-litre Greenspeed Synbio Multi is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks.