The Plastic Pledge


By now everyone is aware of the catastrophic damage that plastic is doing to our oceans. To continue producing and discarding plastic at this rate will no doubt impact significantly on our health and the world we live in. 

We are on a mission to sell eco-friendly alternatives to harmful, single use products and offer cleaning solutions that harness the power of nature and use recycled and recyclable plastic. We believe in a circular system in which everything is sustainable, re-usable and little goes to waste.

We have recently assisted some of our biggest clients in switching over to our Cradle to Cradle accredited Greenspeed range which adheres to all we listed above. To complete the circle of sustainability, we are offering to collect used Greenspeed plastic bottles and ensure they are recycled. Our delivery drivers will collect the bottles from your site and transfer them to a low-energy, low-emission barge on Camden’s canals where they are taken to recycling plants.

If you share are passion for change get in touch.