Kitchen Rolls

Discover our range of Kitchen Rolls at Janitorial Express, essential for any kitchen or catering environment where quick and efficient cleaning solutions are a necessity. Our kitchen rolls are highly absorbent, designed to tackle everything from minor spills to substantial clean-ups, making them indispensable in both commercial and domestic kitchens.

Our selection includes various ply options, from economical 1-ply to more absorbent and durable 2-ply and 3-ply versions, catering to different needs and preferences. Each roll is made from high-quality paper that is both soft and strong, ensuring effective cleaning without easily tearing or disintegrating.

Key features of our Kitchen Rolls include:

  • Super Absorbency: Quickly soaks up liquids and holds them in, which helps in maintaining clean and dry surfaces.
  • Soft and Gentle: Safe for use on all surfaces, including delicate materials and skin, making them versatile for all kinds of kitchen tasks.
  • Perforated Sheets: Easy to tear sheets allow for controlled usage, minimizing waste and maximizing utility.

Choose our Kitchen Rolls for their reliability and effectiveness in keeping your kitchen environment clean, sanitary, and functioning smoothly. Whether wiping down counters, drying hands, or polishing glassware, our kitchen rolls provide a convenient and practical solution to everyday kitchen challenges.

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Kitchen Roll 45 Sheet, White 2 ply
Kitchen Roll 45 Sheet, White 2 ply
Code: AG154 (106) In Stock


Cheeky Panda Plastic Free Kitchen Roll x10#
Cheeky Panda Plastic Free Kitchen Roll x10#
Code: CHE-0356 (25) In Stock


Tork Extra Absorbent Kitchen Roll x24
Tork Extra Absorbent Kitchen Roll x24
Code: AG157 (14) In Stock