R5 Refill Bottle Kit 6x750ml

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Make sure your workers can always find and use the correct chemical for the job with these 300ml Diversey Room Care R5 air conditioner refill bottles. Labelled and colour-coded, these bottles make it clear that they should contain the Diversey Room Care R5 air conditioner. This will help to prevent any chemical mix-ups when staff are cleaning in your guestrooms, making for a smooth and efficient operation at all times. Supplied empty,these bottles can also be used to mix concentrated chemicals with water to create a diluted solution, saving you money on pre-made formulas.

The transparent design also allows you to easily see how much chemical is left in each bottle, giving you plenty of time to refill before the next service.

Please note: These areempty bottles designed to be refilled with cleaning solution.

Product features

  • Capacity 0.3 Ltr
  • Dimensions 108(H) x 68
  • Material Plastic
  • Weight 4.5000kg
  • Colour Clear
  • The colour-coded label and trigger makes identification of each bottle easy
  • The bottles are made to be filled with the concentrate chemicalfor portable cleaning
  • The transparent design will make it easy to see how much chemical you have left
  • For use with the Diversey Room Care R5-plus air conditioner concentrate chemical
  • Please note: These are empty bottles designed to be refilled with cleaning solution