Sustainable Disposable Gloves x100, Blue, Biodegradable L

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A sustainable solution to disposable gloves.


  • The world's first Carbon Neutral disposable glove 

    Traditional nitrile gloves can take over 100 years to biodegrade on landfills. TD02 biodegrades by an impressive 82% within 90 days
  • Industrial compostable
  • Changed the ingredients of traditional nitrile disposable gloves, which have a heavy carbon footprint, to a far lighter and more sustainable and measurable one
  • Many disposable gloves are made in China which is the world’s biggest greenhouse gas polluter and has a greater downstream shipping CO2e footprint for UK customers. TD02 is made in Sri Lanka where we use a high content of raw material sustainably produced locally within our supply chain, resulting in a lower carbon footprint within production
  • TD02 Sustain is a tri polymer disposable glove meaning only a small portion of the disposable glove is made up of nitrile, this means that the percentage of petrochemicals released into the atmosphere is significantly lower than that of a nitrile disposable glove. 85% less energy is used per tonne to process natural rubber compared to synthetic rubber (nitrile)
  • Recyclable packaging
Safety Data Sheet