Window Cleaning Ladders

At Janitorial Express, we present our specialised range of Window Cleaning Ladders, designed to meet the unique demands of professional window cleaning. Our selection combines safety, efficiency, and durability, catering to both commercial and residential cleaning needs.

Optimised for Window Cleaning: Understanding the specific challenges faced by window cleaners, our ladders are designed with features to aid in this task. They offer the right balance of height and stability, essential for reaching windows at various levels without compromising safety.

Lightweight and Durable Construction: Crafted from materials that ensure both lightness and strength, our window cleaning ladders are easy to manoeuvre and set up. This feature is crucial for professionals who need to move quickly and efficiently between different cleaning sites.

Safety First Design: Safety is a top priority in our ladder design. Equipped with non-slip feet and sturdy rungs, our ladders provide a secure footing, reducing the risk of slips and falls. The structural integrity of our ladders adheres to the stringent UK safety standards, ensuring a reliable and safe experience.

Versatile and Adjustable: Flexibility is key in window cleaning, and our ladders offer just that. With adjustable lengths and configurations, they can be adapted to various window heights and angles, making them suitable for a range of buildings, from homes to commercial establishments.

Easy Storage and Transport: We recognise that storage and transportation are important considerations for window cleaning professionals. Our ladders are designed to be easily collapsible, facilitating convenient storage in vehicles or tight spaces, and their lightweight build allows for effortless transportation.

In summary, our Window Cleaning Ladders at Janitorial Express are an indispensable tool for any professional window cleaner. Offering the perfect combination of safety, practicality, and durability, they are an ideal choice for achieving sparkling clean windows with ease and confidence. Discover our range to enhance your window cleaning arsenal.

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Window Cleaner Ladders - 3 section push up 14'0
Window Cleaner Ladders - 3 section push up 14'0" -35'0"
Code: CJ120 Out of Stock


Window Cleaner Ladders - 2 section push up 12'0
Window Cleaner Ladders - 2 section push up 12'0"- 22'0"
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Window Cleaner Ladders - 2 section push up 10'0
Window Cleaner Ladders - 2 section push up 10'0"- 18'0"
Code: CJ110 Out of Stock


Window Cleaner Ladders - single section 6'0
Window Cleaner Ladders - single section 6'0
Code: CJ100 Out of Stock